Hello World!

We are MetaRate.

We think being confronted with hundreds of product reviews makes it quite challenging to find the right information and take a sound purchasing decision.

So we built MetaRate that uses Natural Language Processing techniques to automatically identify and analyze opinions in product reviews.

We recently published a beta version for Amazon (US) products that will, at real time, fetch the latest product reviews. Then, the fetched reviews will be processed to detect fine-grained topics and sentiment. The result will be presented as a feature-wise summary report of the aggregated opinion.

This enables you to go through hundreds of reviews in a few minutes.

What motivates us?

The digital age is characterized by ever growing volumes of information.

People using the Web are constantly invited to share their opinions and preferences with the rest of the world, which has led to an explosion of opinionated reviews of products and services, and comments on virtually anything.

This type of subjective information is potentially helpful to make sound purchasing decisions. However since a product can have hundreds or even thousands of reviews it’s hard to make sense of that information.


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